About Us

IHair was founded in 2011 from the desire of customers to have a RIGHT and SALT RIGHT through innovative and lasting treatments that care, transform and render hair shine. Time is very important, so with our treatments and products, visits to the hairdresser and the time spent in front of the mirror is considerably diminished. A quick drying of 10 minutes is enough to be ready and look perfect!

The hairstyle of the hard-to-see hair is now history!

Through unceasing research and analysis of products and services on the world market of treatments, we are attentive and very receptive to the needs of our clients to offer them exactly what they want, everything being always superlative: quality, results, ingredients chosen. We are in a continuous process of specialization and improvement of the technique and services offered, always bring the latest and greatest effect treatments and hair and scalp products.

As every major distributor, the iHair stand is present at cosmetics fairs every year. It is very important for us that our stylists and collaborators understand how to use the treatments, so we regularly organize courses and initiation seminars, working on models and product presentations.

The iHair team works for the beauty and health of your hair!

You can find us in Bucharest Sector 6, Ajustorului nr 2, where we have the headquarters of the company, hairdressing salon, room where courses and demonstrations for treatments are held. Here you will find all the products from the online store www.shop.ihair.ro and you can try out various samples and find out what would suit you best.

The IHAIR team awaits you with a phone number before 0728832209 or 0314167025!